Submitting Your Photos For Editing!

When submitting your selected photos for editing there's a few things to take into consideration. All packages come with 1 Photo Masters

(This is meant for the headshot) and then for the rest of your images you can pick from one of our softer editing options (Light Edit, Black&White or HDR)


You can send us your photos for editing via Dropbox. If you don't have an account already, please register for Dropbox or Google Drive. Also you have the option of mailing the images to us via courier.


Note: The free option for Dropbox gives you 2 free gigs of space, which is more than enough to upload any number of Photo Shoots on. You can also submit your photos to us via email.

I also highly recommend, it’s fast and you'll get a notification the moment we receive your email.


Note: Be sure to use our email when it asks you for the recipients’ email.


Be sure to write the style of editing by each photo number in the form below "example" (DSC_2343 "LightEdit" DSC_2487 "Black&White")