Hey, if you’re looking to have a great set of new images to add to your book from an agency-certified photographer, I can give you something breathtakingly unique and beautiful. :)

When you do collaborative shoot's your shooting for the photographer and their own means. When you book a shoot with me, I shoot for you. It's that simple.

Digitals: 5 to 6 images. Layouts with a 4 to 6 image drop card with your measurements connected to the image.

Market shoot: If you’re updating your book to enter a new market or two new markets, I
can shoot a set of images based around the market(s) you want to enter.

*Modelling online (portfolio created on SquareSpace or Wix).

Cost: Based on your budget and how much you want to add to your book.

Shoot Time: 1 to 3 hours

My Reviews (what it’s like to work with me)

You can keep all your raw photos from the shoot. The edited photos will come to you watermark-free.
To book your shoot, Text or Call!
Cell number: 416 817 5224

All my photo shoots come with a consultation so we can talk over what will be best for hair, makeup and clothing. I do this to make sure we are 100% on what the goal is with your Photo Shoot!

Note: I provide full guidance to my models on posing to make sure we get exactly what we need from the shoot.