Is it time to get serious at modelling ?

If you would like to be serious about modelling and want to actually get paid for what you do, I can give you a set of images that will get you signed to a reputable modelling agency. Put simply, I know what they are looking for and what market you'll fit in because what I do best is shoot  sets of images around those markets. Photographer-centric shoots will rarely give you what you need for your book and you offten don't get a say of how you would like things.

Basically they don't know how to guide you in the looks you would need for agents to sign you for the most part.

What I'm offering to models looking at getting signed:

A set of digitals 1  (clothing look); layed out on a 4 to 6 image drop card with your measurements connected to the image.

*1 to 3 looks will be based around the markets you'll fit within. 3 images per look.

We will then send digitals & portfolio to up to 20+ agencies in Toronto.
Note: You and I will meet after the shoot and then send out the email together.
(This can all be done in one day )

Add-ons (these are not 100% necessary but will enhance your chances)

*Online Modelling Portfolio created on SquareSpace or Wix.

Cost: Based on your budget and how much you want to enhance your modelling pitch to the agencies.

Shoot Time: 1 to 3 hours

My Reviews (what it’s like to work with me)

You can keep all your raw photos from the shoot. The edited photos will come to you watermark free.
To book your shoot text or call!
Cell number: 416 817 5224

All my photo shoots come with a consultation so we can talk over what will be best for hair, makeup and clothing. I do this to make sure we are 100% on what the goal is with your Photo Shoot!

Note: I provide full guidance to my models on posing to make sure we get exactly what we need from the shoot