I have worked remotely with many brands and companies that are not located near or around where my client branding and e-commerce shoots take place. One benefit for the brands I shoot with is that all payments are in Canadian dollars.

Below, I give a step-by-step list on how your company can utilize my outside branding services and how I go about completing a shoot for your brand.

1) Simply send your product in a package marked commercial sample with a return slip (if required) to my address .

2) Upon completion of your Photoshoot we will return your items if required.

3) Sample images demonstrating your brand are sent with my watermark to show that the shoot was accomplished.

4) The remaining payment agreed upon is made in full, so team members and talent can be paid.

5) Raw images are shipped to your location via UPS or DHL courier on a USB flash drive or CD-R/DVD-R.


6) Polished images are sent via email or dropbox .

It’s that easy!









Shipping And Receiving