Hey guys looking for TFP studio models to open up a new market of shooting :)

Note: I will pose you and direct you in every shot to make sure we get an amazing outcome  and you can see every set of images we shoot to make sure your happy with them!
I'm offering 2 clothing looks 6 edits

My Reviews (what its like to work with me ) ->

Call me (Please Do Not Text to confirm your booking)

"You can  keep all your raw photos and send the 6 you want for editing ." *They will come to you watermark free.*

Cell number ->416 817 5224
Address 2369 lake shore blvd ,ON West

The days that are open for shooting with the start and end time of the shooting period. To book your shoot email/message me on mm  and say " Hey Travis I would like to book two hours on (Date , 2hour start time and end time) would that work for you?" also link your mm in the message(if you used email.
29 to the 7th 
10am to 10pm


OK you can email me  TravisWake@live.com or message on mm.

Be sure you message with your number and port link :)

Call 45mins before your shoot to say your coming.

I will be using the photos for my self promotion and port  I will not sell any photos to a third party.

Shoot Info;

The looks I want are  business , swimsuit or lingerie  and Night club wear.

Bring a 8G SD card or flash drive it must be new to be sure you can take all your photos from me.

Hair : Clean and your natural style.

Makeup: Light but matching the looks