I just want to say you guys are amazingly beautiful people inside and out, also all of you took direction flawlessly!  I must say it was a absolute privilege being the guy behind the camera.
Sorry it took so long as you  know I moved to a new city and  also do to some email problems I did not receive everyone's submission and the ones that i did receive i feel as some images that were submitted did not show you guys at your best.
 So do to the circumstances i took it upon my self to edit 1 to 2 photos from every set ( works out to be 260+ images) each image is balanced on 3 monitors for color , contrast and sharpening.( I didn't do any retouching because i feel as tho you guys did not need it) You guys can crop them as you see fit and if a photo is B&W it's because the back ground is to busy , the colors i could not balance to my liking or i just feel as tho it looked better that way.

Wish i had more time with you guys you rocked and thank you numa for letting me test with your line up :)

Note: The photos are shot in a somewhat editorial style .If you like
you can submite them via this ->

 If you need any help on how to message them shoot me a call 416 817 5224

(You'll notice I didn't put any tags on any photos,  also i made sure that I gave you  full size print images <33)

I Love you guys and  it was an honor to shoot with you and I truly mean that.

Click on the blue ovels that are labeled"valt 1", "valt 2" to access the drop box with over 460 edited stedio images  of models posing for the valt look book free of tags.